My photography journey started when I inherited my Grandfathers’ 1965 Pentax Film Camera. I remember how scared I was loading my first reel of film. With no formal training I had to figure out how aperture and shutter affected the way light travelled into the camera. Being a student at the time and having to develop the film on a tight budget, I could not afford to make mistakes. This taught me to shoot selectively and be more efficient when taking photos.

This has taught me to work faster and to create the best image possible with the given conditions to minimise the time needed for post-production. This is also why I am proud to say I am always able to post up to 120 pics on Facebook within 24- 48 hours after the wedding with my record being 7 hours as the couple flew on honeymoon the morning after their wedding to a place where they would have limited signal.
I focus on wedding and commercial photography based in in Pretoria, Gauteng. Being able to adapt to the different shoots whether it is for food, sport or a wedding allows me to apply different techniques quickly which I use across different genres of photography. 
Taking good pictures is one thing. But most often, the best feedback I get from my clients is how I took control of their wedding day. Calming the nerves, lifting a tense moment with some humour and above all making sure that we stay on track with our schedule, or adjusting it if needed to make sure I get all the shots and deliver the best possible end product to my client.
So, I invite you to meet up with me over a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) to discuss your wedding day and how I can help you to make your dreams a reality.

Hendrik Steytler